Below are a selection of testimonials and feedback from my clients


Deborah-Cole-photo-1“Here is a picture from my daughter’s wedding.   My outfit was much admired and I had many compliments about the colour. I am so glad that I came to you for a colour consultation.

Deborah Cole












“Thank you again for today, I really enjoyed it.  I received the colour wallet and notes and have been shopping already!  Using my colour wallet, I have now bought a new outfit for a wedding that I am going to next July.  It is coral pink which exactly matches one of the swatches.   I am looking forward to this new era and may contact you for a follow-up appointment.”

Gillian, Maidstone.


“I bought a lovely blue dress (identical to one of the colours), all my friends said what a lovely colour and that it suited me, which was great as they did not know I had been to you, but they do now.  I think it has saved me lots of money as I only look for those colours now.  I also had a compliment regarding my make-up, saying that I looked younger, which obviously pleased me.  Mum is also really enjoying looking and searching for her colours in the shops. We go shopping a lot together, so it has been fun trying to match up colours and styles.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and we both learnt a lot, it has certainly made a positive difference to our shopping.  A big thank you and I will keep you posted!”

Sarah Sallows 


“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to you.  You made me very welcome into your lovely home.  The coffee was delicious and the ambiance very relaxing.  I have always wanted to have my colours done and wish I had done it before.  Since my consultation, I have completely revamped the colours in my wardrobe as per the colour swatches.   I am getting up each morning and finding it so much easier to select an outfit.  My wardrobe looks so much tidier and organised too!   I have had my hair semi-tinted ash, as you said.  Everyone says what a difference it has made along with the new make up colours.  Again, thank you for such an amazing experience.”

Anita Waldron


“The experience was very good for my confidence and will make shopping a lot easier in future.”

Brenda Keogh


“I really enjoyed it (the Colour Consultation), it was very enlightening, and you have given me a lot to think about. I am looking forward to sorting out my wardrobe, it is long overdue! Again, thank you so much.”
Then today she said:
“I have indeed had a good sort out in my wardrobe and I have to say shopping is easier now, there are some clothes that I don’t even bother to look at because I know they are the wrong colours for me.”

Name and address supplied


“It has been a refreshing change to go shopping and feel confident about what to buy! We have both (my mother and I) bought a few things and are constantly on the lookout for new items. I have been recommending your Colour Consultation to all my friends.”

Andrea Kaye


“I went to Deborah for a colour consultation and haven’t looked back! I enjoyed the whole experience as she made us very welcome in her home and there was no rush. It was a wonderful treat and I have since taken my husband’s cousin there who enjoyed it too! I’m looking forward to a shopping expedition in the near future…………….
Go and see Deborah! It’s a great experience and will stand you in good stead for the future! There are no more costly mistakes in your wardrobe because you bought the wrong colour!!!!!”

Bonnie Munn


“When visiting my cousin in the UK last year, she took me for a colour consultation with Deborah Latter. I thought I was going to be in for a pleasant hour or so, but never thought my life would be so wonderfully upended! She charmingly showed me how colours I would never have expected brought my skin to life. I have followed through with her ideas and widened my, [mainly black with a touch of red] wardrobe to encompass some glorious pinks and blues. [Who would have thought?!] Of course the comments have flown in whenever I wear these new colours. Her recommendations and suggestions on style and structure of clothes for my body shape also have made a lot of sense.

One of the biggest impacts she has had on me [one of many] was the suggestion that I consider not colouring my hair anymore and letting the silver grey come through. This was a huge step but I couldn’t be happier. In fact I’m absolutely thrilled with my “new” hair colour, and of course it shows off my new wardrobe colours to advantage. The compliments have come in thick and fast along with the comments from a number of people that I look younger. What a bonus!
Thank you, Deborah, for showing me the way. I can’t wait to come visiting again to show you the new me.”

Trudy Fleming
Melbourne, Australia


“Thank you so much for making me at ease and the session so enjoyable.  Shopping is so much easier I now go straight to the right colour and if they are not there I just move on!!

I will not make costly mistakes buying something that will not suit me.  I just head for the colours in my wallet.

I am in the process of sorting out my wardrobe and, to start with, I have just bought some scarves in the lovely blues and turquoise to update some things.

You made me feel at my ease when I arrived with your very welcoming manner and I felt I could put myself completely in your hands.”

Lynne Roberts