About Me

Deborah LatterI love colour. But I didn’t realise how much until a few years ago. Significant life events and a journey of self discovery have led me to this and I haven’t looked back.

After helping my two beautiful daughters become amazing human beings (they can claim some credit), I found myself wondering who I was. It started externally; with my wardrobe, my make up bag and my hair. Black, drab clothes hung forlornly in the old pine dresser; my usual foundation, blush and lipstick had mysteriously turned into various shades of ‘nude’ and the grey was springing forth in my tired, dull hair. A chance reading of an article in a magazine found me Googling ‘Colour Consultants’. I avoided the franchises and their slick corporate strap lines and went for the lady with just her name, address and phone number on the screen. Her voice was lovely; she spoke with knowledge and confidence and I booked in immediately.

She showed me the colours which suited my skin tone by swishing large drapes of over 150 different colours under my bare face and covered hair. The changes to my face were dramatic. Some brought the blue, green, or grey out beautifully in my mixed up irises, some gave my skin a healthy glow and some darkened my skin and washed me out. She showed me the right colour blush and lipstick and I skipped out happily with my colour wallet of perfect swatches to shop and fill my wardrobe with colour!

That was 10 years ago. So much has changed for me since then. After my session and after accompanying many friends and family members to their consultations, I decided to do it myself. I could see it so clearly and wanted everyone else to know what I know, so I started my business from home in September 2011. As my confidence grew and after rediscovering my love of art, my methods have evolved and I now work more organically. No rules or labels, just information. We all should know this about ourselves!